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Together, we can get the Dream Centre open and start helping central Alberta’s most vulnerable find their freedom!

We are inviting you to get involved with us to help hire 25 staff and open our much-needed, 40-bed residential clinical drug and alcohol recovery centre in Red Deer’s downtown core.

With your help, we will open in 2022, and see people find purpose, living a life in recovery from addictions to drugs and alcohol.

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The Red Deer Dream Centre will use the multi-faceted Genesis Process to address identified needs in a unique way:


Addressing the physical, mental and spiritual components of addiction


Streamlining the coordination of services available in the area

Life Preserver

Giving real answers and providing real hope

What is the Red Deer Dream Centre?

The Red Deer Dream Centre‘s main focus will be instituting a live-in drug & alcohol, 40 bed recovery program located in Red Deer's downtown core, the Red Deer Dream Centre. Currently, our charity operates out of the former ‘Lotus’ nightclub on 50th Avenue downtown.

Our team is comprised of local individuals with experience in business, medical, social housing and legal backgrounds from Red Deer, Alberta. We came together because each one of us deeply cares about the addiction crises in our city and we want to help individuals trapped in addiction who want to recover.

What is the Dream Centre going to look like?

The former Lotus NightclubThe design for the new Red Deer Dream Centre
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