City of Red Deer Planning meeting

City of Red Deer Planning Meeting

Dec 11, 2019 | dream centre, red deer

RDDC personnel had a meeting with the Planning and Traffic Impact Assessment personnel department of the city of Red Deer. It went well! Thanks Sherri Turpin, our architect from Turpin-Kong Architects for joining and meeting with us. Sherri gives us some language around what we’re trying to do at the Red Deer Dream Centre, from a design standpoint. According to the city, we’ve met their requirements for anything that they could foresee. Likely, they’ll be a few recommendations we’ll need to consider and do, prior to obtaining our development permit. The big date is October 2nd @ 9:00am down at City Hall. There, the mayor and two other council members will hear the motion and open the floor up to those for and against this project moving forward.

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